Women And Plastic Surgery

Having a perfect body is the need of the hour and women are willing to go under the knife to achieve it. Though men and women are showing a craze for a perfect figure, the women far outnumber the men in this. Celebrities are leading the list, according to Elitecelebsmag.com.

Toning up the Body

Removing unwanted fat from the thighs and underarms, the waist and abdomen are some of the most common treatments being done. With everyone wanting to look like a celebrity, the cosmetic procedures undertaken by women above 30 years of age is on a tremendous increase. Women below 34 and in their teens are also seeking treatments. Though plastic surgeons caution young teens from taking up plastic surgery to beautify them, the rave is catching on.

Celebrities Lead the Way

Top celebrities take up plastic surgery to re-define their looks and add beauty to each and every feature on their face and to every part of the body. Tight-fitting clothes, revealing clothes and stylish pose are some ways by which these glamorous models try to exhibit their newly acquired body which has been modified by plastic surgery. Though the rate at which the celebrities take up plastic surgery is alarming, it is the most sought-after profession. Even plastic surgeons are astonished at the way people are willing to spend to add to their beauty.

Plastic surgery is performed with general anesthesia and requires minimal resting time. However, the cost of each surgery is high and is escalating over the years. The booming cosmetic surgery industry is being booked in advance and celebrities and women are leading the way. The dangers hidden in cosmetic surgery remains hidden and unrevealed. The perfect body is presented to the viewers but the side-effects and pain involved remain in the dark, which is unrevealed and undisclosed.