Why do We need To Delete The File Permanently?

Do you want to sell your old computer because you want to purchase the new one? If yes, then make sure that you have deleted all the files permanently. There are many people who just click on the delete button and direct visit at the recycle bin in order to delete the backup of the file. This is really an old trick, which do not work. A common user may get satisfied after deleting the files from the computer, but if we talk about the professional user then he/she knows that the deleted file cannot be erased permanently. Basically, it is too significant to delete all the files from the computer because if our personal data found by any stranger then it proves harmful for us. Now I am going to tell a basic and effective way to delete the file permanently.

Delete file permanently from CIPHER Trick  

There are many smart users who take help from the CIPHER trick in order to remove permanently the files and folder from its location. This process called defragmentation which will safely kick out the desired file even; it will also help you to remove a folder which is created by the virus. Basically, simply close all the windows and open the command once. You need to enter this command: cipher/ w: driver letter: location and name of the folder. After that, simply click on the “enter” and consequently this trick will automatically delete the folder from the location. It is the best way to delete files permanently.

Download the tools for erasing the file permanently 

No doubt, delete the images and videos cannot permanently erase the file. So, you can download the tools from the internet which can easily delete your file. There is no any risk regarding tools but make sure it should be genuine.