Who Will Win The Race For The Serie A Title?

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The race for the Serie A title is getting interesting because it finally looks like Juventus will not get a free road to the title this year. They already received a big blow when they lost their star defender and one of the best defenders in the world, Leonardo Bonucci. His fight with Allegri has pushed him out of the club where he had been maintaining a strong back line with Chielini and the move seems to have really affected the club.

Napoli seems to have been taking this to their advantage and they might finally win their first Seria A season after fighting bankruptcy a few years ago. Players like Lorenzo Insigne, Mertens and Hamsik have formed a really strong core at the squad and have kept the squad undefeated in the league.

Juventus may have fallen behind to it’s competitors this season but they have the quality and the seasoning to bounce back. They have won the league for the last 6 seasons and a couple of losses can’t make that much of a difference. Especially with Dyabala hitting red hot form, expect him to really turn things around as the season moves forward.

Luciano Spalletti seems like the right decision for Inter Milan this season and they look like they are on an uphill road with their captain Icardi leading from the front. Inter look very good as a team with Perisic, Brozovic and Icardi playing really well together in attack. This season they could go for the title as they currently sit 2 points off the top of the table.