What is a Single DIN Radio?

There are two types of car radios that could be found in the market, as well as the type which could be installed on your car. DIN, by the way, are German initials meaning Deutsches Institut für Normung, which is concerned about the height and width of a car head. When you talk about a DIN, in other words, you talk about the width, and heigh of a car radio, outlined in the said standard. There are two types, namely Single DIN radio and Double DIN radio, and this article, as the title suggests will be talking about the former.

Ways to know what a Single DIN radio is

The best means for you to know on whether or not your radio is single DIN is for you to measure it. This kind of radio measures 2 inches in height, and rarely, a 1.5 inch one could either be a single or double DIN. This is rather easy to determine, given that the dimensions are what often sets them apart from the Double DIN radio type.

Why determine this one?

The reason why you have to determine on whether or not your car radio is single or double DIN is simple because the wiring system of both kinds are different, and it would definitely be a headache getting things wrong.

Pioneer AVH-X7800BT

If you’re looking for a great Single DIN Radio, then this is the perfect one for you. It features Dual-Device Bluetooth Connection, which means you could connect more than one device via Bluetooth at any given time. It could also receive calls on your behalf, and the quality when you do so sounds just like an FM radio. Even if it’s a Single DIN, it manages to outperform other double DIN types.