Varying Roach Killers

Roaches are in no way welcome in our households, they carry and spread all sorts of diseases and they literally have no benefits to give whatsoever; that’s why they’re called pests. Before you grab random items in shops that say ‘roach killer’ you must first know what kind of roach killer is ideal for your household; not all roach killers come in sprays. Some people have gone through trial and errors with roach killers but unnecessarily costs time and money, so why not study the options first?

Difference between Roach Killers

  1. Gel Bait Stations and Poison Gel Baits – these kinds of roach killers never did a great job at instantly killing the roaches. However that’s great news it helps in killing the entire pest population; roaches will ultimately spread the poison among its pest community.
  2. iGR Products – what this does is sterilize adult roaches and completely hinder the growth of the larvae. Thus, the population gradually dies out since there won’t be any new additions. Take note that this particular treatment is only seen as a complementary step.
  3. Killer Sprays – known as the most common methods, sprays instantly kill the roaches that were directly affected.
  4. Sticky Glue Traps – with these traps, the only pests that you’ll eliminate are the ones trapped. Hence, this is only viewed as an additional or supporting treatment.
  5. Boric Acid Tablets – dubbed as one of the most humane ways to kill roaches by numerous entomologists, it’s able to kills pests at an incredibly slow pace; the pests will slowly dehydrate as the poison courses through their system. The affected roaches will also become keys in eliminating their population. Boric acid tablets are not only non-toxic for humans but they’re incredibly affordable, plus you can buy them just about anywhere.