Types Of Domino Games You Can Play

If you are looking for cool ways to have fun, and if you are tired of playing games like judi togel, have domino blocks and want to take your domino blocks up a notch, beyond the mere lining them up and then knocking them down, then here are some types of Domino Games you can play to keep you occupied.


One of the simpler games is the Sebastopol, which is similar to the Block game, but makes use of 4 players, where the game begins in 4 directions. For this game, it is a must that the succeeding 4 tiles should be attached to the “central spinner”.


One of the scoring games you can play, this is just like the Draw game where scoring takes place in the game. Making a tile appear with the same value at both ends earns you 2 points, while 3 points are earned if there is a double at either end. Points can also be earned by having empty hands at the end of the game.


The trick-taking 42, or Texas 42 game is quite similar to the Spades game of cards. This game originated in Texas, and is even dubbed as Texas’ national game. It is played on double-six dominoes.


The All Fives, also known as Five Up, is similar to the Draw game, but differs in terms of scoring, as the players can get scores if the line of play endpoints could be divided by 5. Doubles can also be used as spinners in other games. It also has an All Threes variant where players get a score for a total pipcount once the endpoints could be divided by three. There also is a Fives and Threes which allow scores to be achieved in three or 5.