Trekking- Best Season To Travel

Looking for the best season for trekking sapa? Trekking is one of the soft-adventure sports, exploring a different culture, as well as resolving mysteries of mountains by traveling on legs for many days.  However, some people opine that trekking same as hiking.  Well no, both are different from each other.  Hiking refers to mountain climbing and on the flip side, it is not necessary to travel mountain in trekking.  It is walking for many uncharted paths in order to explore peace and attain unforgettable moments.  Along with this, both are an outdoor activity, but hiking is a leisure activity, which is done by walking on man-made paths and well-made trails.

Health Guide For Wanderers

Furthermore, trekking tests one’s physical endurance, ability as well as their psychological efficiency.   Mainly, it is referred as backpacking.  To start, anyone with the better physical condition can go to the trekking sapa.  Before initiating the journey, the medical checkup is the mandatory thing for the person who is planning to do trekking.  It is initiated with the long day journey and is not advisable for the person who suffers from the heart disorder, or high blood pressure.  Mostly, trekkers choose mountain area in order to explore them and the atmosphere in those areas starts decreasing with the rise in the altitude, so it is harmful to such patients.

Most importantly, the season for trekking depends on the basis of place.  In other words, which place you are choosing to explore.  For instance, to travel Garhwal, Uttarakhand May, June and September months are preferred most.  Along with this, for Sikkim as well as for Himachal Pradesh, June and August and lastly, September for Ladakh is the best season to travel.  In the nutshell, trekking is a challenging activity, so get as much information about it before traveling to the undistinguished paths.