Technology and its demerits

Technology plays an important role in the field of information and education. Students can easily learn anything with the help of technologies. Teachers can also transfer the information easily and effortlessly to the students. Technology encourages students to learn in a positive manner. It helps to improve the skill sets of the students which prepare them for future.

If we have a smartphone in today’s world we can figure out than how technology has improved from the time when we had a simple mobile. If we look back we can see how technology is involving in our lives nowadays. But it has some drawbacks also, like:

  • One of the main issues that we face due to the modern technology is pollution. Vehicles, factories and manufacturers are releasing a lot amount of carbon dioxide. This is greatly contributing to global warming.
  • As new machines is introducing to the market the job vacancies for people is reduced a lot which lead to unemployment. This affects the overall GDP of the country.
  • Even if the technology has increased social interaction but on the other hand t doesn’t deal with someone’s loneliness.
  • As the amount of time children spend watching television their views and behavior change. According to the research there is a relation between the childhood television watching and adult violent behavior. Also there is a relation between children watching TV and smoking, drinking and other bad habits.
  • Technology has made the making destruction weapons so easy that it has increased wars and terrorism.
  • Technology has increased in such a way that people have started depending on modern tools rather than using their own creativity and imagination. This has made all the mankind a slave of technology.

That were some of the disadvantages of technology more info here. We now live in 21st century and if we look back then we see that technology has changed everything a lot. You should be selective while choosing any advanced technology.