Let Your Carpet Shine

Carpets are very common and because people enjoy having carpets in their home it is important for you to be able to learn how to clean your carpet regularly without having to call in professionals every now and then so that you don’t spend a lot of money.

While carpets are high maintenance people still enjoy having them in their home because a lot of people feel that their home decor is incomplete without the right carpet flooring to match. In case you have children and pets at home then urine stains are quite common on carpets. If you are wondering how to remove urine stains from carpet then there are a few things that you could try.

If you have a light carpet then these stains will be visible from a distance which is why you need to make sure you get rid of the stain as soon as you spot it. In case you have noticed that there is a fresh urine stain on your carpet and it is still wet make sure to place a paper towel on top of the stain so that it absorbs all the excess urine as soon as possible.

Once you have gotten rid of the excess urine on the carpet add a little dishwashing liquid along with water and apply it over the stain. If your carpet is not white and it has a little colour make sure you use a mild detergent that does not contain a bleaching agent or else this will lighten the stained area and make it look different as compared to the rest of the carpet. If you have detergent that contains bleach then add a detergent that is bleach free so that you know for a fact that it will not affect the colour of your carpet in anyway.