How To Get Around Tulum?

If you think about it, travelling all around the world a city at a time is not an impossible thought anymore especially if your dedicated to the idea. Airplane fares don’t cost as much as they once did, there’s internet connection available almost everywhere which ensures we never get lost and all the small problems and details during travel can be smoothed out with a few clicks on our device; not seeing the wonders that the world has to offer is almost a crime. If you want a suggestion, we say Tulum; Tulum snorkeling, spas and tours are a must. But how exactly do you get around in Tulum?

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is a municipality in Mexico that’s well-known for the amazing beaches, cenotes, snorkeling, kitesurfing and parties. There’s more than one way of getting around from one location to the next;

  • Taxis – contrary to what some may believe, taxis are the inexpensive way to go, at least for the most part; Tulum Pueblo will challenge the idea of hailing a taxi because the area is so small that walking becomes the better option, though it may be often dusty. Taxis from Pueblo costs around 110 Mexican Pesos; if you’re travelling between the beach and Pueblo, better just opt for taxis or rental bikes instead of walking because when we say dusty, we mean it.

  • Bikes – a rather quick and convenient way to get from point A to point B, riding a bike is a great option but be extra careful when you’re riding it anywhere near the highway. Don’t forget to bring a flashlight or headlight whenever you’re biking at night.
  • Shared Van – a lot of shared vans leave Tulum Pueblo and a ride will likely cost anywhere from 10 to 25 Mexican Pesos and they typically leave every 5 minutes.