Getting A New Nose With The Help Of Dr. Oakley Smith

Toronto rhinoplasty surgery or a nose job may be one of the best decision you’ll make. No other person will be able to say whether or not you should get a nose job or otherwise. The decision will ultimately be left to you, but do remember that there’s no going back once the procedure is done. So better hire the expertise of a professional cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Oakley Smith.

Dr. Oakley Smith

Well-known as a humble and talented surgeon, Dr. Oakley has established his career by closely working with individuals; simply talking to him already creates a positive experience. The purpose of the consultations is to talk about the any complaints or symptoms that a patient may have and what the ideal solution is in the opinion of the patient. Once a solid and clear understanding of the procedure and expectations are laid out, Dr. Oakley will then request the patient to sit on the examination chair on order to get a close look at the facial structure and the nose. When the examination is complete, the next step would be the 3D Vector imaging; this is a more detailed analysis of the area to alter, specifically the nose.

On an additional note, we assure you that no kind of pain is involved during the initial examination. It’s basically just a gentle and thorough look on the nose and facial structures with the help of a handful of lights, measuring tools and examination tools. Thanks to all these examination and testing, Dr. Oakley can safely determine if his conclusions are accurate and if any cosmetic changes may be impractical. Don’t worry, Dr. Oakley will discuss everything later on; he will discuss any possible complication and whether or not a rhinoplasty would be for the best.