EZ Texting’s White Label SMS Platform

If you’re on a hunt for quality SMS Reseller White Label Software then we’re sure that EZ Texting’s products and platforms will have you covered. EZ Texting’s SMS platforms allow the managed service providers or resellers to offer a branded group SMS service to their own clients. Private label SMS services increase client loyalty and awareness apart from assisting in all sorts of financial benefits. MSPs and resellers are not the only people that can benefit from the branded group SMS service. Marketing as well as advertising agencies can take full advantage of EZ Texting’s products in integrating their own text message marketing into marketing campaigns.

Benefits of EZ Texting’s White Label SMS Service

  • Customized Design – clients and customers won’t of your brand or business won’t even notice they they’re actually using a text messaging platform from the EZ Texting industry. Business owners will supply all the logos, banners and whatever it is that can help create the text messaging application. Numerous color schemes, skins and designs are readily available in EZ Texting’s library.
  • Setting Your Own Price – by becoming partners with EZ Texting, they’ll treat you like a genuine partner. What this means is that you’ll be able to price the packages, credits and keywords according to the way that you prefer. EZ Texting won’t require their partners to purchase keywords and credits in the beginning. Instead, whenever a client makes a purchase, the partner will simply earn the difference of the price and the cost you set up.
  • Quick and Easy Setup – when you’re finally ready to begin your very own white label SMS platform, EZ Texting can get everything up and running in just a matter of days. Their team will handle everything and guide you through the process, step-by-step from the initial conception to the official launch.