Best Way To Eliminate Raccoons

Perhaps the most familiar pest found in the United States is a Raccoon. You could easily find them. Surprisingly, these pests are very adaptable and versatile. If an area has enough food, water, and shelter, then you will most likely find a raccoon there.

Since raccoons are omnivores, they eat anything. That is why most of them loot trash cans. So, if you find your trash can destroyed, then a raccoon probably looted it. The first thing you should do is to call raccoon removal Mississauga services.

Trapping Raccoons

Probably the best way to eliminate raccoons is to trap them. You will simply need to purchase a good trap. However, in most states, there is a law against trapping and relocating raccoons. That’s why you should first have a permit.

Whenever you are purchasing a trap, make sure you buy at least 12 inches by 12 inches by 32 inches trap and have a durable structure. As what we have mentioned above, raccoons eat anything, so you will not have a problem finding bait.

Trash Protection

Since a raccoon loots trash, you have an option to protect it. Securing your trash could prevent a raccoon infestation. They will constantly loot your trash if you left it open for them.

So, one way is to purchase a new trash bin. Try to get one that is durable and made from solid metal. It is also better to buy a trash can that has a lid and a strap.

You could also purchase a trash can that includes bungee cords. Every night, you will have to strap the lids with the cord to prevent raccoons from looting it. Yes, it is kind of pain in the ass. However, if you really want to get rid of those raccoons, then you have no choice.